M.I.T. Stands for "Melodic Intonation Therapy" This is revolutionary technique that uses musical minor thirds and tapping therapies to motivate the musical brain to recover speech, often lost after a stroke or trauma to left hand temporal lobes.

If you were traveling by car from A to B and a bridge had failed, you would seek a new route, you might get a little lost, but with determination you will eventually arrive at your destination. M.I.T. is the vehicle that will enable you to bypass the damaged area's of the brain, and will in time deliver you back to the land of "Speech" It takes a strong will to take this journey. There is a lot of repetition and especially in the early days, a lot of frustration. 

The good news is that you will not be the first to take this journey, many others have led the way, they have fought depression, anxiety and fear and have finally arrived at their destination. 

Take a look at our book "Sing Your Way To Health" It might be a good first step in what is "The rest of your life"

This is the star of the show, Anne