Joining The Dots of Dementia


many millions of people have dementia, and unless we can connect the

dots, many more millions in the future will succumb to this nightmare

brain disease.

The victims, their families, family, friends and caregivers know to well how this can affect their day to day living, and how long dream t plans for the future can descend into despondency. We need to connect the dots, and make a plan.

The first fact is that only 2-5% of dementia's are genetic. So it must follow that 95-97% have a causation, this is often lifestyle and environment. So what can we do about it. 

Building Cognitive Reserve is a great first step, it is a kind of insurance policy, if you are to get dementia in the future, cognitive reserve will not only buy you time, but through knowledge gained might enhance your life pre-dementia. (see the cognitive reserve tab above)

Exercise, walking for at least an hour, three times a week will keep your body and in particular your circulatory system in tip top condition. The same goes with swimming, cycling etc.

Avoid Banging your Head, yes this can lead to dementia, if the doorway is to low, raise it or move, and avoid sports like boxing.

Drink Sensibly, To much alcohol can create Korsakoff's syndrome, another form of dementia, the good news is, if you stop drinking, the dementia also progresses no further. This is perhaps one of the few survivable dementia's. One glass of red wine is thought to be beneficial, two bottles are not!

Old Age, We cant do more than hope for old age, yes it brings an increased risk, but so does stress, so get on with life, and don't worry about it as long as you are taking sensible precautions as listed here. As for dealing with stress, perhaps some yoga or join a choir etc.

Loneliness, We might have lost our partner, perhaps we just never found the right person? Loneliness is thought to at least double our risk of dementia, so get back out in the world, join groups like U3A or a club, make new friends, socialise get some laughter back into your life. Caregivers are often lonely people. Days filled with stress and worry, a feeling of impending loss, being trapped in the home. Caregivers are likely to pass on before the person with dementia, the pressure is great. So break the mould. Seek respite when you can, join groups like memory café's. Try to do a little walking, can someone you know take over for an hour now and again? Can you get help from support groups? Don't accept solitude, get out there and get help yourself.

You Are What You Eat.....And Don't Eat! Yes we have heard it all before, but it is true! Always try to eat fresh home prepared meals, avoid processed foods, these not only include ready meals and takeaways, but soups, stocks sauces and anything else that industry has produced, Why? Because often it contains additives like Monosodium Glutamate, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame and many other unwanted additives, they are often added to make cheap foods taste nice, and turn a nice profit for many corporations. They will tell you their food is safe. Do you want to risk it?

Avoid Metals such as mercury and aluminium, these can be found in our teeth, some seafood, flour (aluminium is used as a caking agent) antiperspirant, heartburn remedies etc. again you will hear from big business that they are safe. Of course they will, they are making a profit from it.

Rediscover herbs and spices, This is a vast subject, to big to complete here, but it is true, much of our foods including organic food has been depleted of vital minerals and elements due to modern farming methods. Essentials like magnesium, copper selenium can be missing from our foods, I invite everyone to do a search on their computer, put in “Health Benefits of” then add words like turmeric, cumin, nigella stavia, and perhaps follow this link

Eating fresh, and adding minerals and elements could serve us all well.

Type 3 Diabetes. Never heard of it? You will find some information here

High Fat Diets! There is evidence that support eating a high fat, low carbohydrate diet could benefit some forms of dementia, adding foods like coconut oil to the diet, basically eating what we have recently been told to avoid, but there is a covering story to this. Saturated fats can make your white blood cells sticky, they can clump forming clots that could cause strokes and heart disease. But there is an antidote! And this is Omega 3 Oil, this oil lubricates the white blood cells, and reduces their ability to clot, also white fruit like pears and apples can do the same.

Music. Music can make your brain light up like a Christmas tree, learn to play an instrument, join a choir, or if you have an ipad, download SAM the musical brain gym. Music can lift your mood, work your brain, help coordination, indeed music is probably the finest non pharmaceutical treatment for many conditions including dementia.

These are just some of the dots to be connected, you might know of many more, if so let myself and bright copper kettles know. Together we will join them together, and make a picture that might in the future put dementia on the run. The above information is for educational use only, if you have a medical condition, always consult your doctor or other health professional as a priority.

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