To Whom It May Concern

 Re:Sing Along Machine (SAM) and the SAM app

As a specialist in Aging Issues and Geriatric Care, especially clinical and behavioral interventions for people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease,my research has included the benefits of music in delaying the onset of dementia, and in improving the quality of life for people with dementia, their families, friends and caregivers. The question has always been, "How do people in their later years, and from various educational and socioeconomic groups suddenly acquire the skills required to read music and play a musical instrument?

I am delighted to say that in my opinion the SAM machine and now, the more accessible SAM app does just that. It works as a"brain gym" that utilizes many of the brains functions in respect that the instrumentalist has to processquestions such as how high or low is the note that I need to sing? How long do I have to sing it for? What are the lyrics? What memories do these lyrics and the melody bring back to me? What color note do I have to press to enable thestyles, how can I use different styles to play the same song? How does that change the song? How does this make me feel? SAM does all of this and more, in my opinion SAM has a high likelihood of delaying the onset of dementia if it is regularly played, I believe that SAM will benefit and promote quality of life for the person with memory issues, in addition SAM is a tool that can be used by family, friends and caregivers to bring happiness and comfort in the moment, to loved ones even in the later stages of dementia.

SAM gives the user a choice of song lyrics, styles, tempo's and pitches. It is not a glorified karaoke machine, as the user needs to press the correct key at the right moment. If the correct key is not pressed, then SAM will not move forward until it is. SAM has an additional function called "Freestyle" which allows the user to be inventive and creative and a user function that allows progress to be monitored.

I believe that SAM can be used by people who might fear dementia, people who have been newly diagnosed with dementia, as well as being a valuable tool for musical therapists, other healthcare professionals, family, friends and caregivers.

Memory issues are caused when brain cells become affected and cease to function, as more brain cells succumb, so the condition worsens

I believe that SAM helps to develop new neural pathways. SAM is not a cure, but it is a big step forward in the treatment and understanding of dementia. It answers questions posed in my paper "Helping Professionals and Family Members Understand Elders Living with Dementia" and as such I am happy to endorse and recommend SAM

If you have any further questions, I am more than willing to answer them. Please contact me as needed via e-mail at or via telephone at

415 - 314 - 7147 .


Dr. Doris Bersing, PhD

CEO & President